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Thank you for joining us in TJ's Tavern...reflecting "fresh" contemporary fare influenced by Thomas Jefferson!

Thomas Jefferson's dream of preparing fresh table fare was evident of the tremendous variety of fresh sustainable vegetables and fruits grown in his gardens of Monticello. His love for gardening and utilizing the freshest seasonal offerings at the daily dinner table has inspired our very own TJ's Tavern "Mini Monticello Rotunda Garden", located just outside our tavern windows for your enjoyment. Feel free to join us in our fresh philosophy with a fabulous meal and a stroll through our garden to enjoy the aromas of over 100 varieties of herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers. We proudly source our products from local and regional farms, wineries, breweries and suppliers including: the local food Hub, AM Fog, Edward's Virginia ham, Carolina Mountain Trout, 1855 Black Angus Beef; Barboursville, Horton, Chateau Morissette, Rockbridge, Lovingston & White Hall Wineries; Starr Hill, Devil's Backbone, Apocalypse Ale Works & Legend Breweries. We trust you will enjoy our inspired cuisine, service and hospitality with many enjoyable visits!

TJ's Tavern & Dining Room...a refreshingly unexpected hotel dining experience!

Lunch & Dinner Menu

Bigger & Sharing

Angus Beef Meatballs
rosemary/roasted tomatoes/chevre

Route 11 "Crispoes"
deconstructed lightly salted & habanero kettle chip "Tavern nachos"
white cheddar sauce/ white bean chili/ fresh tomato corn relish

Add Diced Grilled Chicken or Flank Steak

Pulled Pork Tostadas
tomato relish, greens & sour cream

Sauteed Barboursville Mussels
rich tomato broth, vegetables, thyme & grilled ciabatta

Colossal Pub Style Soft Pretzel
Devil's Backbone Vienna lager cheese dip

Texas Bird Hot Wings
hot, mild, bbq, or green curry/celery/ranch or bleu cheese

BLT Dip with Crostini
bacon/lettuce/ tomato/cream cheese


Today we think only of tomato but there were historically dozens of incredible catsups, used to add flavor to meat and fish. An English import , probably of Chinese origin, the first American catsups were thinner and spicier than today's ketchup. We trust you will enjoy our special catsup & condiment preparations.

Tavern House Red Pepper Catsup
roasted red peppers/ aromatic vegetables/ sugar

Jefferson Mushroom Catsup
portobello/roasted tomato/ sugar/onion/ garlic

House Made Tavern Grape Mustard
black grape reduction/ whole grain & dijon mustard/ local honey

Grilled Lemon Aioli
lemon zest/ grilled lemon juice/ egg yolk/ shallot/ dijon/ EVOO

Slate Plate Flavors
ciabatta/ tavern grape mustard/ raspberry jam/ roasted almonds
mix & match your favorites

Artisinal Cheese
chevre/ goat/ smoked gouda/ cow/ edam
cow & goat/ manchego/ sheep/ fontina/ cow

Cured Meats
Edward's country ham/ prosciutto/ soppressata


Tavern Cornbread Skillet
honey butter

Sweet Potato Biscuit Basket
apple butter

Potato Chive Artisan Bread
sweet cream butter

Samplers & Snacks

Tomato Bruschetta
tomato/olive oil/garlic/parsley

Southern Deviled Eggs
local eggs/ shallot/ dijon/ country ham

Tavern Brioche Sliders
meatball/ pork bbq/ chicken
lettuce/tomato/pickle/ paired catsup

Pub Style Onion Rings
horseradish cream

Chesapeake Crab Roll
toasted bun/tomato/cucumber/yogurt

Bacon Cheddar Tater Tots
green onion/ smoked paprika aioli

Grilled Rosemary Shrimp
veggie slaw/ spicy chili catsup

Kettle Blend Soup

TJ's Recipe for Today

White Bean Summer Garden Chili

Jefferson Style Pasta
half or full

TJ's Gourmet Mac & Cheese
white cheddar/ Boursin/ parmesan/ buttered crumb crust

Lump Crab & Asparagus Mac & Cheese

Spaghetti Caprese
tomato/pine nuts/basil/fresh mozzarella/ pesto
Add Grilled Chicken or Shrimp


Southern White BBQ Chicken Skewer
Grilled yellow bell pepper/ red onion/couscous salad

Monticello Grilled Pork Tenderloin
roasted plum sauce/Asian salad

Independence Ribeye
12 oz. char-grilled Delmonico/ Jefferson mushroom catsup/ tavern fries

Grilled Marinated Flank Steak
chimichurri/roasted chipotle corn

Martha's Shrimp & Salmon
cucumber yogurt sauce/ basmati rice

Pan Seared Trout
sugar snap peas/red onion/green curry coconut sauce

Chesapeake Market Catch
Chef Ed's fresh seasonal menu creation

Rockfish & Chips
crisp batter crusted fillets/tavern fries
deconstructed tartar sauce/malt vinegar

Sweet Indulgence...Now or Later!

Tavern Potted Trifles

Doubletree Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Cast Iron Fruit Cobbler with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
please allow 20 minutes for this fresh baked preparation

Mr. J's Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & Seasonal Berries

Nectarine Creme Brulee

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Dominion Root Beer Float